Parent Breaking Custody Agreement

When parents separate or get a divorce, one of the biggest challenges is determining custody arrangements for their children. Custody agreements are legal arrangements that outline which parent has physical custody and legal custody over the child. These agreements typically include a visitation schedule, child support, and other provisions to ensure the child`s well-being.

Unfortunately, in some cases, one parent may break the custody agreement, which can have serious consequences for both the child and the parent. In this article, we`ll discuss what it means to break a custody agreement, why parents may do so, and what the legal ramifications are.

What is „Breaking“ a Custody Agreement?

Breaking a custody agreement means that one parent fails to comply with the terms outlined in the agreement. For example, if the agreement states that the child will spend every other weekend with the non-custodial parent, and that parent keeps the child for an extended period without the other parent`s consent, they have broken the agreement.

Why Do Parents Break Custody Agreements?

There are many reasons why a parent may break a custody agreement. Some common reasons include:

– The parent believes that the other parent is not fit to care for the child

– The parent wants to spend more time with the child than the agreement allows

– The parent wants to withhold the child from the other parent as a form of punishment

– The parent wants to relocate with the child and does not obtain permission from the other parent or the court

– The parent does not agree with the terms of the custody agreement and decides to act on their own.

Legal Ramifications of Breaking a Custody Agreement

Breaking a custody agreement can have serious legal consequences for the parent who violates it. For example, the court may hold the parent in contempt of court, which can result in fines, community service, or even jail time.

Additionally, the court may modify the custody agreement to limit the parent`s time with the child or require supervised visitation. In extreme cases, the court may even terminate the parent`s parental rights.

Breaking a custody agreement can also cause emotional harm to the child. Children thrive on consistency and stability, and when a parent breaks an agreement, it can cause anxiety, confusion, and feelings of abandonment. In some cases, it can even affect the child`s relationship with the non-violating parent.


Breaking a custody agreement is a serious matter that can have significant legal and emotional consequences for both the parent and the child. If you feel that your custody agreement is not working, you should consult with an attorney to discuss your options for modifying the agreement legally. It`s essential to prioritize the best interests of your child and work together with the other parent to create a safe and stable environment for them.